Our approaches

Covering winter

Bihar, State located in the east side of India. Bordering Nepal and separated by the River Ganges. Here the cold weather commences early in November and comes to an end in the middle of March. The temperature all over Bihar varies from 0-10 degree Celsius.

On January 2013 early morning, mercury dipped to a record low to 0 degree Celsius in Gopalganj to 1 degree Celsius in Patna. These months are the toughest to survive for those below poverty line, living in the respective areas. We chose this state for many more such reasons.

To help those people survive, we donated around 100s of blankets among those hit by the shivering climate of the month. We introduced this project on a small scale gifting around 300 families’ blankets with a sip of love in the year 2016.Seeing those people smile, we are planning to distribute more blankets this year.

Preventing Starvation

The most readable headlines of the time, 115 people men, women and children have died of hunger in 19 districts of Bihar in the past five years to 2011. Some families had the red ration card with entitlement of 25 kg of rice with highly subsidized rates, yet they could not afford to buy even 50% of the total entitlements. The red card assures below poverty line household just about enough to survive.

Bihar government runs few programs and schemes such as Targeted Public Distribution System or TDPS, mid-day meal scheme or MDMS, Integrated child development services or ICDS, and few more for helping those under poverty line to survive by earning and learning enough to eat the needed much food. The systems are in place to prevent malnutrition but starvation deaths are being reported from a state that is home to 110 million.

A question is still frequently asked, “How many deaths remain unreported?"

After a thorough review we decided to help these people beat starvation as well as malnutrition. We started this by distributing more than 300 families food packs with quantity enough for a month. To show them that WE CARE!!

Supporting Sufferers

A state where 16.5% of the total flood affected area locates. A home where 21.1% of flood affected population of India lives. The 2013 flood in Bihar affected more than 5.9 million people in 3,768 villages in 20 districts of the state.

In 2016, nearly half a million people have been affected by floods in 8 districts of Bihar- statement by Department of Disaster Management on Wednesday, 27 July, 2016.

According to the official report, at least 17 people have died in the flood since 1st June, 2016.

Considering these major issues in Bihar, We stepped forward to help those affected homes. We distributed food stuff for the homes in the affected areas and also helped around 400 people who were disabled from before and those who got disabled after the particular disaster by giving them some cash amount for medication.

Promoting Education

The population of Bihar is over 104 million out of which 1 in every 3 are illiterate. Illiteracy is intrinsically tied into the cycle of poverty, and Bihar is one of the most impoverished states of India. It is estimated that 33% of the population lives below the national poverty line, which in India ranges from 368-558 rupees (around $6-$9) per month (by comparison, the international poverty rate is around $38 per month). Bihar also has one of the lowest rates of per capita income in India.

According to a report by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), India has the highest population of illiterate adults at 287 million. The statistics point towards the staggering disparities in the educational levels in the country. The illiteracy levels from the year 1991 to 2006 have risen to a whopping 63 per cent.

Considering these issues, we decided to help those children, who want to achieve something in their life. We can't teach them how to learn but we can lessen their struggle by helping them with their school fees'. We search for students with Calibre’s towards education so as to help them knock out their poor life by gaining enough knowledge through high education.

We are already helping more than 100s of students getting educated from well-known schools, colleges, and universities to earn better in future.

Preventing Homelessness

Although, Nitish Kumar government has been widely praised for the kind of governance he has provided to the state over the last few years, it seems the state has to go a long way. As per the figures of the 2001 census, one-third of the total homeless people in the country are from Bihar. While Indira Awas Yojna- the scheme of the Central government, has been instrumental in providing shelter to the homeless in other states, the number of people who do not have a roof over their head is still substantially large in Bihar. Census data of 2001 reveals that there were 1,48,00,000 homeless people in the country, out of which Bihar shelters 42 lakh homeless people.

After doing a thorough study on the particular issue of Bihar.

We provided house to those homeless widows, single mothers and the people below poverty line in order to make their life little less difficult. We also provided basic facilities such as hand pump, water motor pump, and water taps in few homes. For the widows and the single mothers, provided sewing machines and coaching classes of stitching in order to make them independent. We provided auto rickshaws for the families below poverty line.

Our aim behind all these deeds was to make those people earn their livings and to live a peaceful life.

Supporting Healthcare Activities

Around 300km away from Western Champaran, in Patna, the capital of Bihar, and one can find people from all parts of the state flocking for medical treatment. While some of them visit the overcrowded Patna Medical College and Hospital, most have to turn to private hospitals and clinics.

Considering this as one of the major issues for people living in Bihar we introduced MEDICAL CAMPS for all those who are forced to compromise with their health because of money as well as the low quality services provided by the hospitals. This was the first time when any Check-up camp was being held in the respective village of Bihar. We receive a very good response from the people living in the same village as well as from the people living nearby.

It was a two day camp held for males as well as females. Around 1000s of patients ranging different phases of age groups were served.

Have a Heart clinic and Medical Centre

After check-up camps was held we received really good response and ample of requests from our poor patients. This inspired us to serve more hands hence we introduced HAVE A HEART CLINIC to provide the best possible medical facilities on a regular basis.

The clinic is located in Madhopur Sultanpur, near Saidpur, Bihar, India. Currently we have two doctors, One Gynaecologist for females and one General paediatrician for all other health related issues. We already helped more than 800 people to beat their health issues. We provided them free check-ups and medicine facilities.

As we are running this clinic on weekly basis, we are aiming to introduce Have a Heart Medical Centre, something more helpful and also affordable.

Facilities to be provided by the Medical Centre will be:-

  • Male and Female doctors.
  • Regular check-ups
  • Maternity Facilities
  • X-ray Facility
  • Ultrasound Facility
  • Pathology Lab Facility
  • Medical Store Facility

Note : Have a Heart is a vision brought up by Al Imdaad Charitable Trust