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Fund raising for an NGO could prove to be a very demanding task at times, as majority of the known
events either include - Donation Drives or Charity Events.

But here's an innovative mode of fund raising which our team came up with while working for an event for Humanitarian Cause. Its not only targeted for the Upper or Middle upper class people but also for the middle class families which actually believes in humanity and its cause. The ways to generate funds for an NGO are limitless. Fundraising is the only revenue stream that can expand infinitely. All you have to do is ask properly... the right person asking the right person in the right way for the right project at the right time for the right amount with the right follow-up.

So we started up by organizing events which can either motivate people to raise funds or else can pamper poor and needy people to let them know that we care. It all goes up with a small initiative taken in the name of Humanity.

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